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Lindsay Cronk, Mollye Demosthenidy and Anita Raj

Shared Success

Three new campus faculty leaders — Lindsay Cronk, Mollye Demosthenidy and Anita Raj — have bonded over their new roles and agree that now is an even more exciting time to be a Tulanian. Continue Reading

stylish and charming Louis Prima winks in an old photo

The Prima Papers

An archive of one of jazz’s ‘wildest’ performers finds a home at Tulane. Continue Reading

David Harris in a blue suit sitting at a desk

New Director of Athletics

David Harris is the Green Wave’s new Director of Athletics and the Ben Weiner Director of Athletics Chair. Continue Reading

Courtney Bryan sits with open piano

Composer and Pianist Courtney Bryan Receives ‘Genius Grant’

Courtney Bryan, music professor in the School of Liberal Arts, has been named a 2023 “genius grant” recipient by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Continue Reading

Kaia Todd runs on a track and Sion James runs with a basketball in a game

2023 Stephen Martin Scholars

Student-athletes Sion James and Kaia Todd are the 2023 recipients of the Stephen Martin Scholars. Continue Reading

illustration of microbial species

Gut Microbiome May Help HIV Outcomes

Tulane researchers have been awarded a grant to study how changing the gut microbiome may ease gastrointestinal issues for people taking antiretroviral therapy for HIV. Continue Reading

black and white photo of three barbers with customers in chairs in Tulane's barbershop in 1959

The ‘Dream Job’

Angus Lind writes about memories of the Tulane pool hall/bowling alley/ping-pong facility, where he had a student job — a dream job. Continue Reading

Trenton Holliday surrounded by four replica Cro-Magnon skulls

Cro-Magnons ‘Like You and Me’

Trenton Holliday, professor of anthropology in the School of Liberal Arts, thinks human evolution is cool and hopes you think so, too. Continue Reading

close up of hand reaching for a bottle on a grocery store shelf

Alcohol And Blood Pressure

Limiting yourself to one alcoholic drink a day may not be enough to avoid detrimental impacts on your health. Continue Reading

Joe Culpepper holds old family photos

Landmark Study Achieves New Importance

This rural Louisiana town once linked heart disease to childhood. Fifty years later, it’s taking aim at dementia. Continue Reading

the skyline of downtown New Orleans at sunrise, as seen from the uptown campus

Tulane’s Identity

Hurricane Katrina did not change Tulane’s identity — it reinforced and affirmed it. Continue Reading

John Barney Taylor (left) and George B. McCullough (right) stand, wearing suits

Impression: John Barney Taylor and George B. McCullough

George B. McCullough (B ’48, B ’52) and John Barney Taylor (B ’48) first met in 1943. Fast-forward some seven-plus decades, and they still keep in touch. Continue Reading

Demeka Fields portrait wearing a black sweater

Impression: Demeka Fields

Demeka Fields (L ’16) never dreamed that less than a decade post-law school, she would be counsel for sportswear company New Balance. Continue Reading

sun through the trees with 2 students walking on campus

Tulanians – Class Notes

Find your classmates by decade! Continue Reading

white Hydrangea flower on black background


We say goodbye to Tulanians whose deaths were reported to the university during the past quarter. Continue Reading

pencil sketch of B. Michael Howard smiling with folded arms

Tribute: B. Michael Howard

B. Michael Howard, beloved music faculty member and longtime artistic director for Summer Lyric Theatre, died on Aug. 12, 2023. Continue Reading

students with text "Next Wave. Scholarships to expand opportunity for all"

Tulane Receives $5 Million in Scholarship Support

An anonymous $5 million donation will expand undergraduate scholarship opportunities at Tulane. Continue Reading

Don Peters poses in room with paintings in background

$10 Million Gift from Don and Lora Peters to Upgrade Athletics Facilities

A lead gift from longtime Tulane supporters Don and Lora Peters to the capital campaign “Investing in Excellence” will upgrade athletics facilities and infrastructure. Continue Reading