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Thibodaux massacre

Earth Beneath Dump Site Offers Clues To Racial Massacre

From Somaliland to El Salvador, Peru to Guatemala, Davette Gadison has brought her passion for justice to her studies in forensic anthropology—drawn to mass gravesites in countries torn apart by civil war.

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology aided researchers in making this remarkable discovery and others in Guatemala.

More Secrets of Maya History Revealed with Discovery of Altar

Northern Guatemala has proven to be fertile ground for archaeologists, and Tulane University researchers Marcello Canuto and Francisco Estrada-Belli have been among them, making some of the most eye-popping and remarkable discoveries the world has ever seen.


Excavation in Peru

Professor of Anthropology John Verano’s excavation of the site of a 500-year-old mass child sacrifice that took place on the northern coast of Peru is featured in the February National Geographic magazine. The article, “An Unthinkable Sacrifice,” provides details about the findings, including how some of the children were killed, how they were buried and the growing number of skeletons recovered from ongoing excavations.