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Schally's gold Nobel Prize medal in velvet case.

Nobel Prize comes home to Tulane

Forty-seven years after endocrinologist Dr. Andrew Schally was awarded the Nobel Prize for medical research conducted at Tulane, the prestigious award is returning home.

black and white photo of Newt Gingrich, in glasses, teaching in 1969

Speaker Newt Gingrich donates congressional papers

Newt Gingrich’s congressional papers consist of more than 3,450 boxes of materials from his 20 years in Congress and 40-year political career.

Dr. Paul Whelton sits outside in New Orleans

Compassionate Doctor, Tireless Researcher

Dr. Paul Kieran Whelton leads the way in the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, a global killer.

John Barney Taylor (left) and George B. McCullough (right) stand, wearing suits

Impression: John Barney Taylor and George B. McCullough

George B. McCullough (B ’48, B ’52) and John Barney Taylor (B ’48) first met in 1943. Fast-forward some seven-plus decades, and they still keep in touch.

Nick Spitzer sits with a microphone, headphones and a computer


Nick Spitzer, professor of anthropology, celebrates 25 years as producer and host of the public radio program “American Routes.” Broadcasting from a studio on the Tulane uptown campus, Spitzer continues to be grateful to “meet and converse” with vernacular musical artists as he brings their stories to a million listeners weekly.

Circa 1960 photo of the Beatles with Stuart Sutcliffe

In the Mist of Memory: The Beatles and My JYA Experience

A recollection of a ‘what-if’ rock ’n’ roll encounter in a Hamburg, Germany, Reeperbahn club 60 years ago.


Refugee Camps in America

Jana Lipman, associate professor of history, wrote “Detaining Migrant Children at U.S. Military Bases Has Been Done Before,” in TIME in June. Lipman has conducted research on refugee camps in America that reveals that the U.S. government has repeatedly turned to military bases to shelter immigrants. “At different times throughout the 20th century, the federal government kept groups of people from Hungary, Vietnam, Cuba and Haiti on U.S. military bases. The result can be either efficient immigration processing or a prolonged, confined and traumatic experience,” said Lipman.


Venezuela Talks

David Smilde, Charles A. and Leo M. Favrot Professor of Human Relations in the Department of Sociology, co-wrote “Negotiating Venezuela’s Transition,” an opinion piece in The New York Times about Venezuela’s current political conflict and preliminary talks between the democratic opposition and the country’s government that took place in May. Smilde wrote that it is a first step toward a democratic transition. “Many remain skeptical of ‘dialogue,’ but negotiation and compromise between the conflicting parties is key.

 Gen. David Berger (E ’81)

Impression: David Berger

When Gen. David Berger (E ’81) first entered the NROTC at Tulane, he didn’t know much about the program or the military. However, the years he spent in Tulane’s NROTC unit, he describes today as “formative,” crediting those years as a starting point for him.

President Mike Fitts and Satyajit Dattagupta, vice president of enrollment management and dean of undergraduate admission, discuss Tulane’s successes and strengths at the Homecoming Town Hall in November 2018.

The University of the Future

Where do you see yourself in five years? We have all been asked this question at one time or another either by a job interviewer, a peer, our parents or even ourselves.