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Robert and Kikie Priddy

Priddy Family Foundation Pledges $1 Million to Tulane Brain Institute

Tulane University’s Brain Institute received a $1 million pledge from the Priddy Family Foundation to endow and establish the Priddy Family Spark Research Endowed Fund.

water lilies

Understanding the Gulf Coast Is Key to Resilience

A national report on the future of the Gulf Coast draws heavily on the work of two Tulane University scientists who have spent most of their careers studying coastal systems in Louisiana and around the world.

picture of the four new deans inside Gibson Hall.

New Deans, New Directions

The schools of Science and Engineering, Liberal Arts, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and Architecture welcome new leaders.

Mussafer Hall

New Spaces, New Places

Tulane enhances and expands its campus footprint uptown, downtown and all around.


Next-Generation Whooping Cough Vaccine

The National Institutes of Health awarded Tulane School of Medicine a contract for up to $8.5 million over five years to develop a more effective and longer-lasting vaccine against pertussis, more commonly known as “whooping cough.” Microbiologist Lisa Morici, PhD, and immunologist James McLachlan, PhD, will lead the project to use outer membrane vesicles, which are nanoparticles shed by bacteria as they grow, to stimulate a more potent immune response than current vaccines against the disease. Worldwide, there are an estimated 24.1 million cases of pertussis and about 160,700 deaths per yea


$2.3 Million Blight Study

Can cleaning vacant lots cause a chain of events that curbs child abuse or stops a teen from falling victim to violence? That’s the provocative question behind a new research project to study whether maintaining vacant lots and fixing up blighted properties in high-crime areas reduces incidents of youth and family violence. The National Institutes of Health awarded Tulane a $2.3 million grant to test the theory in New Orleans.

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology aided researchers in making this remarkable discovery and others in Guatemala.

More Secrets of Maya History Revealed with Discovery of Altar

Northern Guatemala has proven to be fertile ground for archaeologists, and Tulane University researchers Marcello Canuto and Francisco Estrada-Belli have been among them, making some of the most eye-popping and remarkable discoveries the world has ever seen.

Khoshakhlagh and Elaine Horn-Ranney at the Kennedy Space Center at the launch of the NASA SpaceX Dragon Cargo Ship in December.

We’re on It

If there is an ecosystem that is threatened, a population in peril, a subject matter unexplored, a discovery yet to be made, a cure to be found — somebody at Tulane is working on it. That’s just what we do.

Satellite image shows the Mississippi River "bird's foot" Delta in Louisiana

Life and Survival on the Gulf Coast

During this era of rapid climate change and other environmental stresses, community ecologists are focused on understanding how the living world works, in all its complexity and diversity, as they find ways that species might thrive and land can be restored.

President Mike Fitts and Satyajit Dattagupta, vice president of enrollment management and dean of undergraduate admission, discuss Tulane’s successes and strengths at the Homecoming Town Hall in November 2018.

The University Of The Future

Where do you see yourself in five years? We have all been asked this question at one time or another either by a job interviewer, a peer, our parents or even ourselves.