Men's basketball team

Fogelmans Establish Program for Men’s Basketball Players

Avron B. Fogelman (A&S ’62) and Wendy Mimeles Fogelman (NC ’63), previous contributors to men’s basketball, have given another $1 million to support the program.

The gift, which reflects the Fogelmans’ commitment to student-athlete success on and off the court, establishes the Fogelman Life Preparation Program, which will teach life skills, financial training, career coaching and student success to men’s basketball players, and also supports an altitude chamber, a room that replicates altitude settings and enhances team training.


“I want to do all I can to see the Tulane basketball players enjoy a productive and successful life after playing basketball at Tulane. We owe them no less,” said Avron Fogelman, whose name is synonymous with Tulane men’s basketball. His donation established the Avron B. Fogelman Arena in the Devlin Fieldhouse.

Tulane is committed to career preparation for every student, and the Fogelman gift will address the unique situation of men’s basketball players. For example, the Fogelman program will help players get internships, a goal that is made difficult during the team’s high-intensity athletic schedule.

Ben Weiner Director of Athletics Troy Dannen said, “Avron’s providing us the winning edge. What we’re doing is going to be very unique.”

He noted that the Fogelman Life Preparation Program is appealing to both players and their families — providing Tulane with an added recruiting incentive.

“Tulane has meant so much to me,” Fogelman added. “I am very appreciative for the educational and social opportunities afforded to me while a student at Tulane. Over the years, I have felt it very appropriate to thank Tulane for what it did and return a small measure of what I received to the school.”