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illustration of microbial species
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Gut Microbiome May Help HIV Outcomes

Tulane researchers have been awarded a grant to study how changing the gut microbiome may ease gastrointestinal issues for people taking antiretroviral therapy for HIV.

black and white photo of three barbers with customers in chairs in Tulane's barbershop in 1959
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The ‘Dream Job’

Angus Lind writes about memories of the Tulane pool hall/bowling alley/ping-pong facility, where he had a student job — a dream job.

Trenton Holliday surrounded by four replica Cro-Magnon skulls
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Cro-Magnons ‘Like You and Me’

Trenton Holliday, professor of anthropology in the School of Liberal Arts, thinks human evolution is cool and hopes you think so, too.

close up of hand reaching for a bottle on a grocery store shelf
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Alcohol And Blood Pressure

Limiting yourself to one alcoholic drink a day may not be enough to avoid detrimental impacts on your health.

Joe Culpepper holds old family photos
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Landmark Study Achieves New Importance

This rural Louisiana town once linked heart disease to childhood. Fifty years later, it’s taking aim at dementia.

man wears virtual reality headset to relax
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The School of Social Work and Tulane Athletics have teamed up to support athletes’ training and mental health through virtual reality–based mindfulness.

plate with meat and eggs on the left side and salad on the right side
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A new study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared popular diets on both nutritional quality and environmental impact and found that the keto and paleo diets, as eaten by American adults, scored among the lowest on overall nutrition quality and were among the highest on carbon emissions.

Quarterback Michael Pratt prepares to throw the football
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Quarterback Pratt Returns

Tulane quarterback Michael Pratt refused to let the last 4½ minutes of this year’s Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic get to him.

Dr. Keith Ferdinand and a group of Tulane students
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Three years after the COVID-19 pandemic exposed racial and ethnic health disparities nationwide, those disparities continue to exist in American communities of color.

sticker that reads "cotton bowl or bust"
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Eternal optimists and lifelong Tulane fans like Richard Roussel never gave up on Green Wave football — and they were rewarded with the epic Goodyear Classic Cotton Bowl win in January.