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Schally's gold Nobel Prize medal in velvet case.
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Nobel Prize comes home to Tulane

Forty-seven years after endocrinologist Dr. Andrew Schally was awarded the Nobel Prize for medical research conducted at Tulane, the prestigious award is returning home.

black and white photo of Newt Gingrich, in glasses, teaching in 1969
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Speaker Newt Gingrich donates congressional papers

Newt Gingrich’s congressional papers consist of more than 3,450 boxes of materials from his 20 years in Congress and 40-year political career.

Respiratory syncytial virus 3D illustration which shows structure of virus with surface spikes
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RSV and nerve cells

Respiratory syncytial virus, a common infection in children and senior adults, can also infect nerve cells, a new study shows.

Robin S. Smith in front of light green New Orleans double style house
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Memorializing a civil rights activist’s home

Through a Tulane student’s efforts, a civil rights activist’s home has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Chandrashekhar Borkar, Jonathan Fadok, Eric Le and Claire Stelly look at a document together.
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The freeze-or-flight fear response

Tulane researchers discover a brain pathway that regulates fear responses, which could lead to breakthroughs in PTSD or anxiety treatments.

Olivia Davison swimming with outstretched hands churning the water
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2023 student-athletes who graduated with honors

Through the generosity of longtime Tulane supporters Don and Lora Peters, Tulane Athletics recognizes student-athletes who graduate with honors.

close up of green and white chess board
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A revitalization of chess

The Tulane Quick Chess Tournament is just the latest in a long history of the game at Tulane.

David Harris in a blue suit sitting at a desk
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New Director of Athletics

David Harris is the Green Wave’s new Director of Athletics and the Ben Weiner Director of Athletics Chair.

Courtney Bryan sits with open piano
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Composer and Pianist Courtney Bryan Receives ‘Genius Grant’

Courtney Bryan, music professor in the School of Liberal Arts, has been named a 2023 “genius grant” recipient by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Kaia Todd runs on a track and Sion James runs with a basketball in a game
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2023 Stephen Martin Scholars

Student-athletes Sion James and Kaia Todd are the 2023 recipients of the Stephen Martin Scholars.