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Empire Exhibit

If one could enter a door that leads inside a mind full of historic memories, that experience might feel the same as walking through the EMPIRE exhibit at the Newcomb Art Museum.

Wave of the World. Photograph by Crista Rock

Feminists in the Visual Arts

Lynda Benglis created The Wave of the World when she won a contest sponsored by the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans. Owned by the city of Kenner, Louisiana, The Wave of the World sat in disrepair for years after Katrina until the Helis Foundation funded its restoration. The sculpture/fountain is now on display in a City Park lagoon by the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Catherine Freshley with painting

Impression Catherine Freshley

As a painter, Catherine Freshley (SLA ’09) puts the familiar into focus.

Plate of seafood

Dining with Healthy Gusto

With Mardi Gras in the rearview mirror and Lent— generally appreciated even by non-Catholics — upon us in this very Catholic city, into my head popped a quirky question: What do people who eat for a living do during Lent?

The Life Quilt (2018), sewn together by Louise Mouton Johnson, features the names of 107 women serving life sentences. The names were compiled by Selina Anderson of the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women Drama Club and hand-beaded by members of Black Masking Indian gangs. The center portrait is of lifer Mary Turner by Brandan “BMike” Odums. (Photo courtesy Newcomb Art Museum)

Making the Invisible Visible

A song with simple yet powerful lyrics plays over the speakers in the galleries of the Newcomb Art Museum: You can’t keep a ray of light from creeping in your room / you can’t fix a lie from shining down the truth / I’m not invisible anymore. Musician Lynn Drury’s words sum up the essence of Newcomb Art Museum’s new exhibition in that one prevailing line — I’m not invisible anymore.