Topic: environmental studies

a brown pelican rests on a tree branch in City Park New Orleans
environmental studies


The brown pelican is, as many people may know, a symbol of Louisiana.

ghostly yellow industrial plant at night with smoke
environmental studies

After Images

Photography professor AnnieLaurie Erickson captures the strange beauty of an industrialized Louisiana landscape.

Liz Davey, director of the Office of Sustainability stands with trees near Dinwiddie Hall
environmental studies

Green Impact

Liz Davey, director of the Office of Sustainability, has worked closely with students and administrators for 20 years on recycling efforts, energy efficiency and sustainable construction to get to this point, but there’s still more to do.

water lilies
environmental studies

Understanding the Gulf Coast Is Key to Resilience

A national report on the future of the Gulf Coast draws heavily on the work of two Tulane University scientists who have spent most of their careers studying coastal systems in Louisiana and around the world.