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The freeze-or-flight fear response

Tulane researchers discover a brain pathway that regulates fear responses, which could lead to breakthroughs in PTSD or anxiety treatments.



Psychology professors Courtney Baker and Bonnie Nastasi received a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to implement a program to make schools safer. The program will bring training to Louisiana’s five largest school districts to help school safety crisis teams recognize, respond quickly to and prevent school violence and other crises.

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Investigations of the Brain

The Tulane Brain Institute under the leadership of psychology professor Jill Daniel is answering some of the biggest questions in brain science, from aging and estrogen therapy to fear and trauma. The institute involves researchers and students from all parts of the university.

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Divided We Learn

Among the most important issues in U.S. higher education right now is the lack of diversity in student and faculty populations.


Quoted: Charles Figley

“Trauma psychology has emerged and evolved over the last 20 years.” -CHARLES FIGLEY, founder of the Traumatology Institute, in U.S. News & World Report, about the improvement in approaches, measures, assessments and treatment techniques in dealing with trauma.


Quoted: Nicholas Kerry

“People get more conservative with age. It occurred to me that parenting might have a role in this.” -NICHOLAS KERRY, PhD student in psychology in the School of Science and Engineering, in Futurity.


Damian Murray, assistant professor of psychology

“What we found was that women who fell in love had increased activity of genes involved in antiviral defenses.” - DAMIAN MURRAY, assistant professor of psychology, on his study analyzing the immune system of women in love.

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Challenge Accepted

With a focus on enhancing the undergraduate experience, Tulane encourages students to challenge themselves.