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corner of building with sun reflecting in glass windows

A New Home for Scientific Research

The Steven and Jann Paul Hall of Science and Engineering will connect students, scientists and entrepreneurs in pioneering research and interdisciplinary learning.

Jon Sumrall portrait in suit with Tulane pin

Head football coach sets tone for gridiron glory

Get to know Jon Sumrall, Green Wave head football coach, who returns to Tulane ready to win more championships.

Dr. Paul Whelton sits outside in New Orleans

Compassionate Doctor, Tireless Researcher

Dr. Paul Kieran Whelton leads the way in the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, a global killer.

collage of an aerial view of Tulane's campus with fiber connection light web

Building a Better AI

Tulane faculty seek to unlock the secrets of more powerful and useful artificial intelligence applications and to work with community partners to ensure AI’s fairness for those whom it impacts.

Lindsay Cronk, Mollye Demosthenidy and Anita Raj

Shared Success

Three new campus faculty leaders — Lindsay Cronk, Mollye Demosthenidy and Anita Raj — have bonded over their new roles and agree that now is an even more exciting time to be a Tulanian.

stylish and charming Louis Prima winks in an old photo

The Prima Papers

An archive of one of jazz’s ‘wildest’ performers finds a home at Tulane.