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Impression: Erin Chandler

For Erin Chandler (SLA ’18) the choice to attend Tulane was an easy one.

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Impression: Juan Carlos Monterrey Gomez

Generations have often wondered what kind of world they might leave to their successors.



Patrick Button, associate professor of economics at the School of Liberal Arts, is studying discrimination in access to mental health care for LGBTQ+ people and marginalized communities and whether the problem has been exacerbated by the pandemic. The project, which was awarded a National Science Foundation grant, will also explore discrimination against underrepresented groups when applying for mortgages, develop new analytical tools for economics research using text data and establish a mentoring program for underrepresented graduate and undergraduate students in economics.

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Student Voices Amplified

When we commit to elevating the perspectives of all people, we spark important conversations hat strengthen the academic community as a whole.



“Here’s what I think people at the top of the income distribution fear: they fear that if you help people at the bottom, then my share of the pie will be smaller. … But what they fail to realize is, what if the pie is actually bigger?”



Gary “Hoov” Hoover, scholar and nationally renowned economist in the study of economic policy and its impact on wealth and income inequality, is the new director of Tulane’s Murphy Institute and full professor in economics. Hoover, who stepped into his role as director in January, said at the time of his appointment, “The opportunity to have discussions about the most challenging economic, moral and political problems of our time is an honor that I cannot 
wait to begin.”

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Impression: Cindy Reese Mitchell

Cindy Reese Mitchell’s (NC ’99) journey to her current position as Founding Chief Executive Officer of Mill House Ventures in Canberra, Australia, began when she was a girl growing up in Macon County, Alabama.

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‘Earn and Learn’

The Earn and Learn program is open to young people in New Orleans who have earned a high school diploma and are looking to advance their careers.

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Ripple Effect

Tulane’s $3.14 billion impact on Louisiana’s economy and community includes jobs, discoveries, goodwill and more, a new study finds.