Topic: dance

Portrait of dancer Michelle Gibson wearing a hat

Impression: Michelle Gibson

Since leaving New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Michelle Gibson has taken the city’s culture to the world through her own New Orleans second-line aesthetic, a unique blend of dance styles ranging from Afro-funk to jazz.


Quoted: Jenny Mercein

“What emerged in the research is that people have been debating whether the sport is too rough as far back as the game goes. The science is new, but the debate is not.” JENNY MERCEIN, Tulane assistant professor of theatre. Mercein is co-creator, along with playwright KJ Sanchez, of X’s and O’s, a play that examines the lasting physical and neurological impacts from playing football. They presented a reading and panel discussion of X’s and O’s at the Jill H. and Avram A. Glazer Family Club at Yulman Stadium in February. Mercein was raised in a football family.

Dancers in a choreographed work by Ronit Ziv

In-Person Dance Artist

Choreographer Ronit Ziv established her place in the dance world with her first work, “Rose Can’t Wait,” in 1999.


Felicia McCarren, professor of French and dance historian

“By restricting ballet to pure romance, the art form loses its power to make critical commentary on the state of things.” Felicia McCarren, professor of French and dance historian, said in a New York Times article, “Is Ballet Camp?”