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Respiratory syncytial virus 3D illustration which shows structure of virus with surface spikes
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RSV and nerve cells

Respiratory syncytial virus, a common infection in children and senior adults, can also infect nerve cells, a new study shows.

Joe Culpepper holds old family photos
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Landmark Study Achieves New Importance

This rural Louisiana town once linked heart disease to childhood. Fifty years later, it’s taking aim at dementia.

Dr. Keith Ferdinand and a group of Tulane students
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Three years after the COVID-19 pandemic exposed racial and ethnic health disparities nationwide, those disparities continue to exist in American communities of color.

Jackson Smith stands on the grounds of Bastion Community at sunset.
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Impression: Jackson Smith

The resilience and community of New Orleans led Jackson Smith (SLA ’07, L ’18), a Marine Corps veteran who served in Afghanistan, to make the city his home.

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Leonard Lauder Professor of American History and Values Walter Isaacson wrote the cover story, “The Vaccine Revolution,” for TIME Magazine’s Jan. 18 issue. In his story, Isaacson writes about his experience being in a clinical trial for the COVID-19 vaccine, how the COVID-19 vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech were developed and the role of mRNA. “The plague year of 2020 will be remembered as the time when these traditional vaccines were supplanted by something fundamentally new: genetic vaccines, which deliver a gene or piece of genetic code into human cells,” he wrote.

graphic depicting 50 years of the joint degree program in Medicine and Public Health
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Medicine and Public Health on the Front Lines

Tulane’s MD/MPH joint degree program has trained physician leaders for 50 years — and counting.

photo of Praveena Fernes in Thailand
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Ghost Stories

One of the most compelling pieces of narrative history is The Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic — and How It Changed Science, Cities and the Modern World.

bioengineering students socially distanced
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Reopen to Reconnect

In the middle of the pandemic — and with extensive precautions and safety protocols in place — students and faculty moved back to on-ground operations this fall.

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Planetary Health Diet

After analyzing the diets of 16,000 Americans, researchers led by Diego Rose, professor of public health, found that preparing meals with a small carbon footprint is as simple as using less animal protein. “People whose diets had a lower carbon footprint were eating less red meat and dairy — which contribute to a larger share of greenhouse gas emissions and are high in saturated fat — and consuming more healthful foods like poultry, whole grains and plant-based proteins,” he said.