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Professor of surgery at Tulane Medical center Jaquelyn S. Turner sees a patient
Jaquelyn S. Turner is vice chair of surgical education, professor of surgery and section chief of colon and rectal surgery at Tulane School of Medicine. Through the LCMC Health partnership, Turner and other doctors will find more opportunities to collaborate and improve the quality of care for their patients.

These are just a few of the most promising opportunities of an exciting new partnership between Tulane and LCMC Health, a healthcare system that serves our families, friends and neighbors across Southeast Louisiana. We are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with a mission-based nonprofit that shares our values and vision for academic medical centers as the birthplace of tomorrow’s innovations and the most effective, high-quality care.

Through this partnership, Tulane Medical Center, Lakeview Regional Medical Center, and Tulane Lakeside Hospital will join LCMC Health. Most of the services provided at Tulane Medical Center will shift to University Medical Center, just a few blocks away, and to East Jefferson General Hospital, thus increasing access to comprehensive care for patients in downtown New Orleans, expanding training opportunities for our medical residents and creating larger hubs for specialty care, innovation, and academic medicine in both Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

Patients who currently receive care at Tulane Medical Center will be able to access the same high-quality care at LCMC Health’s University Medical Center, East Jefferson General Hospital, or other hospitals in the LCMC Health system. Staff at these hospitals will retain their jobs and have new and expanded opportunities for growth and advancement.

Joining with a local team like LCMC Health is another way Tulane is improving health and saving lives through innovation, collaboration and care.

This partnership will also be an economic boon to downtown New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. It will include an initial capital commitment of $220 million from LCMC to East Jefferson General Hospital, Lakeview Regional Medical Center, and Tulane Lakeside Hospital. This new collaboration will build on our current historic investment in downtown New Orleans, which includes transforming the Charity Hospital building into a hub of cutting-edge research and innovation that will house graduate programs in public health, professional advancement and medicine.

We are also working to establish a nursing program, clinical research initiatives and educational facilities in the space that will become available at Tulane Medical Center. Through these efforts, Tulane will add approximately 2,300 jobs across New Orleans and Louisiana. All told, our downtown investments will make a $1 billion impact on Louisiana’s economy.

Cities throughout the country have seen their fortunes turned around and their futures renewed by major research universities making such investments in their downtowns. Now, it is New Orleans’ turn.

Joining with a local team like LCMC Health is another way Tulane is improving health and saving lives through innovation, collaboration and care. It is also a perfect addition to our once-in-a-generation expansion in the heart of one of America’s greatest cities.