New Donor Fund is Flexible, Easy

Alan and Katy Stone want to play a part in supporting the university’s future.

Alan and Katy Stone
Alan and Katy Stone

When alumni Alan and Katy Stone first met during freshman orientation, Tulane was set to play an important role in their shared future. Now, the couple want to play a part in supporting the university’s future. They chose to establish a Tulane Donor Advised Fund as an easy and effective way to streamline their generous support.  

“We truly grew up together, and we did it here at Tulane. Tulane is very sentimental for us,” said Alan (E ’83, L ’87).  

He and Katy (E ’83) were each fortunate enough to have a professor who mentored them and became invested in their success.  

“Having someone take an interest in us and our path was incredibly important and helpful to us.”  

Katy became interested in creating a donor-advised fund as soon as she learned that the Office of Gift Planning was establishing one specifically for Tulane donors. The vehicle proved an ideal way for the dedicated and generous Tulane supporters to have their contribution professionally managed while continuing to support a wide range of passions at Tulane—and all from a single account.  

“I think it’s a good way to give,” Alan said. They support a variety of university initiatives, including the Waldrup-Crosby diversity scholarship at Tulane Law School and STEM programs at the School of Science and Engineering. “The bedrock of our society is education, but without people giving of themselves in time and money, it won’t survive.”  

The couple is on the Tri-State National Campaign Council for the “Only the Audacious” campaign, and they are confident about Tulane’s bold future.  

“I like the idea of being audacious,” Alan said. “I think Tulane has a bright future; I think it will continue to distinguish itself as a research institution.”

Katy and Alan enjoy working with the staff at the Office of Gift Planning, who made it easy to establish their donor-advised fund and take the next step in their giving strategy. “They’re not only great, they’re great fun,” Alan said. “It’s a great team.”