Cultural Exchange

I believe Tulane University needs to be a leader in welcoming students from other countries, cultures and every socioeconomic background. It enriches the lives of the students who come here, whether they grew up in New Orleans or are arriving in this country for the very first time.

Every year millions of students take the brave step of leaving their homes and families behind to attend college in another country. The United States has historically been the leading destination for these scholars. 

Our world is more connected and networked than at any point in history. Goods and services cross the globe along with people and ideas. This results not only in indispensable products like smartphones and hybrid automobiles but in deep and positive changes to our now interlocked cultures.

Having a classroom that reflects our increasingly shared reality is vitally important. As companies expand globally, the ability to interact with and understand different cultures and peoples becomes a vitally important facet of future career success. Just as technology shapes our ability to communicate, our classroom culture directly impacts how and what students can learn from one another emotionally and culturally.