Impression: Kendall & Libby Glazer

A hobby shared by sisters Kendall Glazer (SLA ’13) and Libby Glazer (SLA ’15), which began in a Tulane residence hall, has grown into a lucrative business that combines fashion with messages of positivity.

Together, the Glazer sisters co-founded and developed Stoney Clover Lane, a customizable line of bags, pouches and other small accessories that has infiltrated the celebrity market and caught the eye of major retailers such as Nordstrom, Target and Shopbop.

The Stoney Clover Lane entrepreneurial experience has been a crash course in business for the two non-business majors. (Kendall majored in sociology, and Libby in Jewish studies.)

Kendall Glazer (SLA ’13) and Libby Glazer (SLA ’15)
Libby Glazer (SLA ’15) and Kendall Glazer (SLA ’13)

“In the beginning, it wasn’t about projected sales and other analytics. It was, and still is, all about the customer,” said Kendall Glazer. “We didn’t go into it with a business plan; I think if we had, we might have never done it because it might have been overwhelming at the time,” Glazer said.

Now they have merged their customer-centered approach with the skills they have learned over their decade in business. The company has 20 team members. More than half of its sales are driven by online, customizable products. The Glazers also operate a new store in Palm Beach, Florida, and a pop-up in Los Angeles. The company name is a shout-out to the street they grew up on in Rochester, New York.

Early fans of the line included Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, who were spotted wearing Stoney Clover Lane bracelets when the line was new. But the line still pays homage to New Orleans, with Tulane-specific products and Mardi Gras promotions.

Philanthropy has been an important part of the story as well. Kendall said the brand works with organizations that fight cancer and childhood adversity, among others. In the past they commemorated Hurricane Katrina.

The Glazers developed skills and relationships while at Tulane — sometimes beading bracelets with friends on the floor of Sharp Hall — that gave them valuable insights into how they wanted to run their company.

It’s an even partnership, although Kendall said she likes the business side and social media a little more, while her sister, Libby, handles more of the creative tasks and the retail location.

“When it comes down to it, there’s not anything that either one of us would not do,” Kendall said.

If they know one thing, it’s how to keep their customers coming back.

“My sister and I create for our target audience — and we happen to be that audience,” added Libby Glazer. “This makes it easier to know what our customers want.”