The O: 30 Years and Counting

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (The O) celebrated its 30th anniversary — and its mission of promoting inclusivity and supporting people from all walks of life — at a gathering of hundreds of students, faculty and friends in the Lavin-Bernick Center on Nov. 7.

The O
Photo by Paula Burch Celentano


The celebration took a sentimental turn as The O’s founder and director Carolyn Barber-Pierre (above) was lauded by colleagues, past and present students, and former college classmates. They shared their memories about her efforts to improve the experience of students at Tulane.

Barber-Pierre is also assistant vice president for multicultural life. She said, “How far we’ve come since the inception of this office. There are so many memories, experiences and people who we, as an office, have been fortunate enough to witness and are here to celebrate.”